Nauticam NA-RX100III Housing

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Product Description

  • Nauticam is keeping up with the newest RX 100 series the MK III. The NA-RX100III inherits much from its hugely popular predecessors, but manages to add the innovative touch with new features not previously seen in a compact camera housing. The NA-RX100III sets a new standard for compact camera housings. While it builds on the success of the NA-RX100 and NA-RX100II, it is clear that Nauticam did not just copy and paste this housing into existence. The features you’d expect are certainly present, like ergonomic design, the clearly labelled controls, sculpted shutter release and more. A closer look reveals features like an updated fiber optic connection block, built-in vacuum check system, 2 accessory bulkhead ports and support for routing HDMI cables for an external monitor.
  • Secure, easy to use locking latch
  • Ergonomic controls with size, shape and color differentiation
  • 67mm threaded port mount
  • M14 bulkhead port for vacuum valve

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs



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