Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arms

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Product Description

Underwater photographers have long battled to make their camera systems neutrally buoyant in the water; a neutrally buoyant rig is easier to handle in the water and can be operated with one hand much easier than heavier rigs. Systems that are too heavy can result in arm strain and contribute to difficultly with buoyancy of the shooter. A properly balanced rig is a lot more fun to use.

Sizes Available & Buoyancy

  • 72211 60mm x 200mm 200 gr. 0.62 lb. $109.95
  • 72212 60mm x 250mm 240 gr. 0.88lb.  $139.95
  • 72213 60mm x 300mm 260 gr. 1.19lb   $162.95
  • 72214 90mm x 150mm 240 gr. 0.94lb   $127.95
  • 72215 90mm x 200mm 275 gr. 1.65lb   $169.95

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs



72211, 72212, 72213, 72214, 72215


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